Author Instructions

Submission instructions

Papers must be in English and must be submitted as PDF files. Papers should be formatted using the NCCV 2015 LaTeX template. For detailed formatting instructions, please refer to the template files. Papers will be published on the conference website.

At least one author of each accepted submission will be expected to attend and present their findings at the conference. The deadline for submitting papers and abstracts is July 27, 2015. Papers and abstracts can be submitted via CMT.

The conference solicits two types of contributions:
Track A: Type A contributions present new unpublished work in a paper of 4-8 pages. In case of acceptance, NCCV does not claim copyright of the paper, so you are free to re-submit it elsewhere after NCCV.
Track B: Type B contributions are abstracts (2 pages max.) of work that was previously published in another peer-reviewed computer-vision venue (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, IJCV, IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TIP, etc.). Abstracts are used to determine the final program of the conference.

To ensure a high quality of the conference and to reduce reviewer load, we particularly encourage
the submission of type B papers.

In case of any questions about the submission instruction, please contact the organizers.